Definitely a must-see.  I don’t usually like war movies, and there were a few war sequences where I found myself looking at my watch, but overall this was a very well-made movie.  It had a stale, sterile feel to it, as it had virtually no narrator (aside from the short blurbs of the main character), which actually worked to ground the movie in subjectivity.  Amidst the pro-war, kill-all-the-chinks, once-a-marine-always-a-marine rants and screams from the boot camp general and other military characters, you had the main character with this juxtaposed peace sign pin on his “Born to Kill”  marked helmet, the sympathetic view of the dying female Vietnamese sniper, and lack of war-glorifying screen shots.

It was great to FINALLY see that one famous scene with the Vietnamese hooker, which one hears on a regular basis when the words “asian” and “horny” come up in conversation.

“Me so hooooooorrrny!!!  Me love you long time!”

Ok, I had to do it.

It was also hot to see Vincet D’Onofrio (Private Pyle) in his skivies…though, not as hot when he shot his brains out.