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What can I say about this movie?  Like a lot of the movies on this list, I feel like if I say anything bad about it, some ungodly force or a barrage of fans (nerdy ones, in this case) will pound me to the ground.  While this movie can most probably be claimed as a Classic by a lot of people, I found it to be very long and i found myself looking at my watch a lot.  I watched it with two big fans of the movie, and 3/4 of the way through, I was very tempted to ask if we could turn it off and watch Scrub episodes instead.  While I’m normally a big fan of British humour, this wasn’t that at all; a lot of very weird, random, and choppy scenes thrown together with high-pitched cronie voices.

While my friends and countless other fans assure me that it’s quotation-rich, I can only remember one that made me laugh:

“That must be the king.”

“How can you tell?”

“He’s not covered in shit.”

As I’ve seen with people quoting other parts of the movie, it’s not really funny unless other people have seen it as well.  But, I suppose you could say the same thing with every other movie, unless it has Samuel L. Jackson in it; that mothaf***er is hilarious!  “YES I HOPE THEY DIE!  AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!”

My recommendation to those who haven’t seen it: you’re not missing out on much.  What you hear fans quote, are pretty much the only juicey parts of the film.