Woah!  This movie came out in 1999???  How could I miss this?  I really enjoyed this movie.  Quentin Tarentino’s non-linear influence can be seen in this movie for sure, but like one commentator said on the IDMB website about the movie, “Boondock Saints puts the pieces on the table, letting you try to put them together, but then will continue handing you pieces until the picture becomes clearer.”

I loved Willem Dafoe’s character in this movie.  When he started listening to opera music while inspecting the crime scene, I got an instant flashback to Luc Besson’s Léon, when Gary Oldman’s character listened to Mozart in his head while raiding that one house.  The parts where Dafoe’s character was in the scenes, describing how the action went down, gave a hint of Film Noir, and it looked cool as well.

The ending was interesting; I felt like there was a hole left at the end, which I think was what the director wanted.  All those interviews with everyday people about their opinions about the Saints, made me wonder if those interviews were taken from a real-life situation, as they actually looked genuine.  However, I wasn’t able to find any mention of this on the IMDB website, so I am taking it that they were just good actors.

What started out as a wonderful tale with excellent cinematography, ended with inward questions regarding vigilantes.  If this were to happen in real life, would i condone or support these people?  I don’t know. For the most part, I feel like cheering them on, but the only tricky part I see, would be that fuzy line between good and evil.  Who are they to decide who is evil or not?  And upon which laws are they judging people?  The 10 commandments?  Aren’t they committing muder?  The fact that this movie provoked this internal debate, makes it a great movie.  Any movie that leaves you with a heavy feeling, internal debate, or long-lasting thoughts, is a well-done film.

Loved hearing the Irish accent throughout the movie, as I have tons of Irish pride.  🙂

“Why don’t ya get me a cup of coffee?”

“Cafe latte”

“Twist of lemon”


LOL!  I love it!  I loved the banter that went on from Dafoe’s character at that arrogant cop.  Wish they would’ve done one more before the end.

One question i still have: how did the Saints learn how to speak so many languages??  My major is in Foreign Languages, and I was really excited when they broke out all those languages in the interrogation room at the beginning.

This one is definitely going on my Favorite Movies list.  And in case you were curious: “The word “fuck” and its derivatives are used a total of 246 times.” (taken from IMDB website).