A let-down.  Like I have to do with all the movies I am watching while on student exchange, I watch them free online and usually have to watch sections of the movies, or scour the web for a decent quality version.  With The Usual Suspects, I was tempted each time I finished watching a section of the movie, to do something else- check my email, hang the laundry, watch another movie from my list… my head was swimming from all the legal jargon and run-arounds with characters and different names.  My head was equally dizzy after watching movies with a lot of profession-specific language, such as The Bourne Identity series, but I enjoyed the movies regardless because it had an interesting and flowing story.  Not that The Usual Suspects didn’t have an interesting or flowing storyline, but it wasn’t interesting enough to keep me attentive and intrigued throughout the whole film.

The ending was the best part, but it was a bit less surprising, as I had already seen Scary Movie (the part at the end where Cindy drops the coffee mug) and others had informed me that ending was making fun of The Usual Suspects one.  But when Kevin Spacey was crying at the end, I was like, “come ON, Kevin!  You’re a better actor than that!  I can’t even see any tears!”  It just looked like “acting”, and I’m used to a better performance from Spacey.

Another thing I liked was Benicio Del Toro’s character, Fred Fenster’s funny accent.  It reminded me of how the Chileans down here talk.

I think the best word/expression to sum up my feelings about this movie: meh.