Wowie.  VERY good movie.  Jack Nicholson, as always, delivers a strong, dramatic performance.  And, I don’t care what people say about Tom Cruise- that man can ACT, and damn it, I got shivers watching his end scene with Jack Nicholson.

I don’t know what it is about movies with court room jargon (or maybe it’s just ANY kind of jargon), but my head was swimming half the time trying to remember names and military acronyms.  The music made me laugh, in that it just kind of stormed into the scene reminding the audience they were supposed to feel a certain emotion.  I suppose every soundtrack functions in the same way, but this one felt it was pushing me to feel happy or worried in specific points.  I think a lot of soundtracks from movies from the 70s-90s did this.  Nowadays, the background music either creeps into the scene like a fine mist, or there is none, so that the viewer can make up his or her own mind what to feel.

Everyone did a very good job, even the ones with minor roles, such as Kiefer Sutherland and Wolfgang Bodison (Dawson).

The end scene was definitely the most memorable and firey part, with that notorious line of Nicholson.  I also loved when Bodison delivered his short speech to Cruise about the “UNIT, CORPS, GOD, COUNTRY!!!!!”

This movie is definitely going on my list of favorites.