A well-made war movie.  The camera work intrigued me in a good way, but it took a while to get used to it.  A sort of “Ahhh yeah” moment dawned on me when I saw Ridley Scott was the director; I should’ve known.  I felt almost like I was walking on egg shells, as the director did a good job of placing the viewer in an actual war where bullets fly at random, everyone screams orders over chaos, and things never go as smoothly as one intended. I speak about war, but acknowledge that I’ve never been in one; when I talk about war or combat, I try to keep a respectable distance and honest silence about a lot of aspects.

Out of the few war movies i have seen, this one made me cry.  The scene where that one soldier was telling Josh Hartnet to tell his parents that he fought hard.  I know it was so cliché of war movies, but the acting was really sincere. I flinched a lot, especially when they were trying to retrieve that one artery out of that one soldier’s pelvis and the guy blacked out.  Phew.  There were a lot of scenes when the camera would be portraying some soliders in a very vulnerable position, and the background noise would soften, and I’d tense up a lot.  I’d say any director who can manipulate a camera so as to invoke such physical reactions, is doing a good job.

So many famous faces!  Wow!  Josh Hartnett, Tom Sizemore, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Sam Shepard, Jason Isaacs… very cool.

I was annoyed by Eric Bana’s final little monologue about people not understanding his explanation of “why” he fights; I guess because I don’t personally know any military personal, and I would love for them to please explain WHY they fight someone else’s war.  I understand and greatly respect the brave men & women who work night and day to protect our country, but in a lot of instances of needless or seeminly stupid battles, I would love to know why people would sign up for that.

Definitely recommend it; if you’re like me and are not a big fan of war movies, don’t worry- this is a good one.