The moonlight shone bright on the rolling hills of the sandy beach.  Emily peered up at the bright orb in the sky, with billions of its neighboring stars spread out against a dark canvas, blotches of wispy clouds intermingled with it.

Emily’s dark hair reflected the moonlight, giving her the appearance of some ghostly widow with a shimmering shawl draped on her head.  Her pigtails stuck out plainly, they tiny spots of reflected light making them appear as two orbs connected to the side of her head.  She started walking towards the water.  The sound of the crashing waves became louder with each advancing step.  Her toes clutched slightly at the sand with each soft step she took.  Where were the seagulls?  Their squaky cries were absent, making the night more extraterrestrial.  The sound of the crashing waves.  Emily’s padded footsteps.  She broke into a sprint, dashing madly to the water.  Her hands ripped the bands restraining the ponytails.  She shook her head as she ran, as if trying to shake off any physically or mental shackles that were tied against her hair.  Her phantasmal shawl of moonlight now morphed into a bouncing, willowing one.  As she reached the top of the last big hill before the shore, her legs showed no signs of getting tired.  The water was not yet in her view; only its lone vocals could be heard.  As if beckoning the eager girl and giving her the energy to reach it, Emily bounded further and further up the sandy hill.  Dark splotches in the sand marked where her feet had dug into.  And then Emily saw it- the dancing lights of the ocean.  The moonlight kissing random spots of the water, the frothiness of the crashing waves as they combed the sand into a smooth, glistening belt of velvet.

Emily whooped in delight as this black and white scene bobbed into her view with each upward bound step she took on the hill.  When she reached the top, she paused.  Her chest rose and fell, her mouth slightly open with each inhale and exhale.  She stood there, staring at the ocean, her hands loosely at her sides.  A fast breeze pushed against her back.  She looked behind her at the distant sparkling lights of the city.  Was the city urging her to go to this other land of lights?  A land undulating and pulsing with fluidity and natural light reflecting off it.

With her head cocked towards the city, she closed her eyes and felt the lukewarm breeze push against her profile.  She rolled her head around, letting the wind play with her dark hair.  When her head rolled back to face the shore, she opened her eyes.  A sharp inhale of salty air.  Did the wind mold to her body as she slided with it into a run down the hill?  She seemed to float down the sandy pinnacle, her white nightgown billowing at her calves.  As she reached the bottom of the hill, she raised her hands slowly to her sides.  Messy stacks of driftwood sat against the foot of the hill- the girl’s only audience.

She kept running. Emily.  Her arms were spread perpendicular to her bouncing body, ready to serve as her faithful wings.  The booming sound of the waves became louder in Emily’s ears.  She was coming closer to the lapping water.  Had the wind picked up in speed and intensity behind her?  Emily’s hair whipped wildly around her head, her nightgown now wrapped and billowing in front of her from the rushing wind behind her.  This unusual blowing of her clothes gave her a queer look, as if she were running backwards.  One expected her clothes and hair to be blowing off her body to the back of her, and yet the wind was doing the exact opposite.  Her footprints left dark marks in the damp sand as she ran closer and closer to the frothing ocean waves.  A big wave pushed a sleek film of shimmering moonlight to the girl’s feet.  She kept running right onto the glistening water’s surface.  As if to add to the bizarre scene, her running feet seemed to not make any splashes on the long stretch of the wave’s broad arm on the shore.  Why weren’t her feet and legs being engulfed by the onrush of water?  As the second wave built up, the girl tried to jump over it.  Her bouncing hair blended in with the white splashes of the army of waves.  Wait.  Why wasn’t she breaking the water’s surface?  Had her feet broken the waves’ frothy surface?  Her milky-skinned feet touched down on the back of the second wave’s silky back.  She slid down its small, curved back.  What was going on???  She was walking on top of the waves!  She kept running out to sea, vaulting over the oncoming waves of shimmering moonlight.  Her figure became smaller and smaller as she kept sprinting on the pulsating surface of the dark water.  Blending in with the dancing moonlight on the water, the girl’s bouncing hair and white dress remained the only signs of her human form.  Farther and farther out she ran, exhaust being a thing of the human world she was running away from.  She was becoming part of the glossy surface of the sea, part of the ephemeral reflections of moonlight, even part of the roaring orchestra of the waves.  A small flash of moonlight emitted from the girl’s dancing shape- she was gone.  Or was she just part of the scenery?