For too long I have kept my goals to myself, specifically my goal of being financially abundant.  I did this because I was afraid of judgment and also that if I stated it in a public forum, that it would have a lesser chance of manifesting (not sure why I thought this).  But no more.  I figure one of the best methods of obtaining your desires is by putting it out there and letting as many people know about it possible, so that those who wish to help you can do so.

This is what I want and deserve to receive/obtain:

1. Financial abundance (for right now, $5,000 per month) 

2. Toned, healthy body – specifically a six-pack and V-shaped obliques, and slightly bigger biceps

3. Incredible mentor to help me grow (specifically, financial-wise)

4. Ability to lucid dream

5. Full, thick head of hair (I have a thin spot on the top of my head)

I’ve been listening to Esther & Jerry Hicks’ “Getting Into the Vortex” meditation CD, been doing daily affirmations (morning & night), so I’m hoping that helps.

I don’t know HOW these things are going to come to me; all I know is that they will come to me, or I will obtain them, at some point in the near future (by December 2012).