One of life’s biggest frustrations has got to be not seeing progress with what you want.  Getting what you want can be fun & thrilling as long as you progress, I’ve realized.

We’ve all experienced it.  I have been frustrated to the max lately, not, I realized, because I haven’t been getting what I want, but because I haven’t been seeing any progress towards those desires.  One great example from my own life is when I was trying to loose weight – I tried starving myself, bicycling everyday for 30 min, and various other exercises, but I kept reverting back to my overweight body, even more frustrated than I was when I started my attempt.  It was only through trial and error that I came to discover what worked best for me.  And that was doing jumping jacks for 15 minutes to music.  It started off as that, and that I moved on to 20 minutes, then 25, then finally 30.  I was enjoying what I was doing, which I think is key to loosing weight.  From that exercise, and cutting back on what I ate (specifically carbs), I was able to FINALLY see results.  I was so stoked.  I still am stoked that I found an effective way of loosing weight and keeping it off.

What’s depressing me this time is my current goal – financial abundance.  I feel that, with weight loss, there are tons of resources (albeit, many shitty and misleading) on the subject, but not so much with wealth.  Like with most things in life, you have to sift through information to distinguish the shitty teachings from the effective ones.  I just feel that with wealth, there are so many more shitty teachings.  I mean, if wealth were that easy to obtain, why haven’t more people obtained it already?  Course, I could use the same logic with weight loss.  But with weight loss, I figure people already know the basics of how to loose weight (low-calorie diet
& exercise), but will power is the only obstacle.  With money, that’s not the case.

I guess I need to sift through even MORE teachings/advice on wealth than I thought…