It’s been one week since I downloaded and subscribed to a bunch of wealth, investment & finance podcasts.  I have been so inspired and fired up by so many of them.  Some not so much, but that’s part of the filtering process.  There were some podcasts where it was simply a narrator reading quotations from deceased millionaires, like Russell Conwell, Ben Franklin & P.T. Barnum.  But I listened to all if not most of those old English podcasts, so I could glean anything from them, and I usually did.

The following people I found to be especially inspiring:

  • Suze Orman
  • Marc Allen
  • Thomas Stanley & William Danko
  • Jim Cramer
  • Robert G. Allen

I can’t wait to look up more readings and material produced by these people and others that I will discover.

Some important things I’ve learned from the above people are the following:

  • Have clear, specific goals and effective affirmations to go with them
  • You don’t have to be an energetic, type-A business person in order to attain wealth; you can attain wealth in a “healthy & positive manner, and in an easy & relaxed way” (Marc Allen)
  • Trust your voice about money; you have the strongest connection to it than anyone because you have earned it
  • Put your dreams & goals in little pink bubbles (Marc Allen) and visualize their manifestation; they have a way of manifesting in the future, even after you’ve given up on them sometimes
  • Don’t settle for less, only settle for more (Suze Orman)
  • The impacts of macro- & micro-economics

I will keep ya’ll updated as I learn even more and discover new wealthy digital mentors.