Been listening to Suze Orman predominantly the last week, which has been inspiring.  Listening to her regular listeners/callers, they really know their shit!  When Suze does the “Can I afford it?” portion of her show and asks her callers, “Show me the money!”, the callers list the following:

  1. liquid savings
  2. monthly income
  3. monthly expenses
  4. debt
  5. investments
  6. retirement money
  7. 8-month emergency fund

I find it a bit difficult sometimes NOT to get depressed, listening to some of these callers who are my age or younger, who not only have their money in order, but have so much of it.  But each time I catch myself feeling down, I remind myself that those feelings are not helping me achieve wealth any faster.  So I ditch those negative vibes and remind myself that not only I will be one of those listeners someday soon, I will be one of the most impressive Suze has ever heard.

I want to vary the millionaires I listen to, so this week I will listen to more of the podcast “Wealth Building by Nightingale”, which has many short, eclectic podcasts, which introduce me to other millionaires and methods of becoming wealthy.

Subscribed to Marc Allen’s podcast, but his limited episodes have been lacking of info, so I will look for other media by or about Marc Allen.  I also want to learn more about Robert G. Allen.

Got a 20% raise at work this weekend after working there 90 days, which is great.  My short-term goal, inspired by Suze Orman, is to save up $8,000 for my 8-month emergency fund, which should take about 4 months.  Ugh.  Need to find ways to speed up that process and other ways of generating more income.

Oh!  I discovered this great web page via StumbleUpon today, which not only talks about small ways to generate money, but about 9 other ways to increase one’s quality of life.  The article is on Top 10 Solutions to Real Life’s Most Annoying Problems.  The specific solution (#6) links to several other web pages regarding saving and generating money, but this link really gave me ideas to generating more wealth: Make Money in Your Spare Time Doing Simple Online Tasks.

Basically it talks about signing up and participating in online focus groups/research studies & blogging, and it also introduced me to two new ideas:

  • visiting a website and providing live, honest feedback about it
  • providing answers via chat, phone, & how-tos

Two things I will definitely look into.

Well that’s it for me.  I believe this is the lengthiest article I’ve written on my blog.  I’ll be back next week to update ya’ll on my progress on my road to wealth!