The key word for this week is FRUSTRATION.

I have to constantly remind myself that getting frustrated doesn’t help me get any closer to my goals.  But at times it can be hard not to get frustrated.  Especially when I see my loved ones suffering from unjust financial expenses, namely outrageous medical bills.  The health care system in this country is inefficient and unjust – charging people ludicrous amounts of money, and shackling them to that debt for the rest of their lives, much like college debt.  It needs to change, but that’s another gripe.  This past weekend I saw my boyfriend, mother, & sister directly affected by hospital bills & collection agencies.  One of my first acts when I attain financial abundance, is to pay for my loved ones’ medical bills and ensure they never have to worry about going to and paying for the doctor, or other medical expenses.

In other news, I requested some books & cd’s at the library last week and some came in this week:

  1. The Millionaire Next Door – Thomas Stanley & William Danko (Book on CD & the actual book)
  2. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom – Suze Orman (book)

Figured I had been listening a lot to Suze, so I decided to listen to one cd of The Millionaire Next Door everyday; there are 7 cd’s total.  I listened to the second cd today, and so far it’s been enlightening, but I feel I can sum up the book in two words: frugality & planning.  I already know how to be frugal, and this week I plan on using a Google Doc excel template for keeping track of my budget… but I guess I’m more interested in firstly GENERATING income.  Then I’m willing to learn about how to budget it.  I know the two come hand-in-hand, but I would feel more excited if I was learning how to generate money along with how to budget it.  But for now I’ll listen to this book and glean as much as I can from Stanley  & Danko.