This past week I didn’t listen to a lot of wealth podcasts, because my mom offered to drive me to & from work.  This was really convenient, but I realized that I was reluctant to listen to a 45-min podcast sitting at home.  Good to know.  So this week I went back to at least walking home, so that I could listen to the 45-min podcasts.

What I DID listen to wasn’t very inspiring; I listened to discs 3 & 4 of The Millionaire Next Door, and that was enough to convince me to NOT listen to the rest of the discs.  While this book may be handy once I attain wealth, currently it’s just a broken record, offering excessive & repetitive example stories, with virtually the same message:

Don’t try to live up to society’s expectations of how the wealthy should behave or act.

Something I already knew.

Oh well.  One more thing I deduced I can use/not use on my road to wealth.

This week I got a book on CD in from the library, that I’m really excited to listen to – Money and the Law of Attraction, by Esther & Jerry Hicks.  I’ve been a big fan of their teachings since my mom introduced me to them about a year ago. The philosophy is very similar to The Secret (in fact, I just learned today that the teachings of Esther & Jerry Hicks is the origin of The Secret), except it has more concrete advice/steps, and it makes me feel refreshed and inspired.

I’ve actually been listening to another Esther & Jerry Hicks product – the CD, Getting Into the Vortex – Guided Meditations – for the past year now.  Specifically the meditation of, obviously, financial well-being.  It’s a 15-min guided meditation, I listen to it at night, and overall it has been inspiring, but I haven’t seen enough progress, which is one of the reasons I created this blog category.

Money and the Law of Attraction is an 8-disc book on CD, and today I listened to disc 1.  I feel really jazzed, refreshed & excited about my road to wealth.  I can’t wait to listen to rest of the book.

Another item I got from the library last week is the book, The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom, by Suze Orman.  I put it in my backpack to read on weekends when I take the train to & from my boyfriend’s house.

I also saw a book on CD lying around at my house – Outliers – The Story of Success, by Malcom Gladwell.  The description really interests me, so I placed a hold on that item at the library.  I’m excited to listen to that resource as well.  Gosh, all these resources flowing to me; I really believe it is because I have made my goals pubic (by blogging).  I look forward to helping others while I’m on the road to, and once I attain, wealth.