Thanks to my good friend, Julia, who is a certified personal trainer, I feel I’ve made long strides towards my fitness goals.  She pointed out that I stand with “anterior tilt”, which means I rock my pelvis forward (second figure to the left in the image below).  I never even noticed this, and I am so grateful to Julia that she pointed this out to me.  I will be posting a link to her new website soon.









I think there are two causes for this:

  1. I sit on a Swiss ball at work & home, and I tend to have my pelvis bent backwards, just like how I stand.  So now I’m going to tuck in my pelvis and be more aware of my posture.
  2. I’m not doing enough lower back exercises.  So I’m going to incorporate more into my workouts.

I’ve only been correcting my posture for one day now and already I can feel my lower abs are tighter.  Sweet.

Still no luck with finding a cheap kettlebell on craigslist.  I’ve read about people getting calluses from them, so that’s one issue to be aware of once I get a kettlebell.  I’m really excited to get a quality kettlebell and use it to gain more muscle and boost my metabolism.

Julia also argued that it’s better to do cardio AFTER resistance training, and I’m still debating that, as I really like doing cardio BEFORE resistance training.  But I will definitely toy around with both and see how my body responds.