Listened to discs 3 & 4 of Ester & Jerry Hicks’ Money and the Law of Attraction this last week and I feel so…GOOD.  This book/CD is a great foundation to wealth, because it makes you think about and become more aware of your thoughts and feelings regarding, not just money, but things in general.

They have taught me more about the Law of Attraction, specifically that the universe brings you the essence of what you focus your attention on.  The universe doesn’t hear ‘no’; it only hears what it is you are focusing your attention on, whether that be something or the lack of something.  So this past week, I’ve been fully aware of my thoughts & feelings.  Thoughts and feelings are independent from each other, and so it’s important that you feel good when you think or say something.  I realized that no matter how many affirmations I read or how many times I read them, if I’m not feeling good while I say them, they will not attract wealth to me. I used these newly discovered principles of the Law of Attraction this past week to help me feel more confident and clear-headed, since I was feeling small and scattered (I think from the heat).

It’s definitely a ‘reverse brainwashing’, in that you are re-conditioning your thought patterns.  It reminds me of when I read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, and one exercise they had you do was to slide your finger across your neck anytime you found yourself complaining, to remind yourself that complaining is anathema.  I did this for about 3 months, I believe, until I stopped complaining entirely.  So I’m racking my brain of a physical motion I can do to encourage this change in thought.  Right now I’ll simply be vigilant of my thoughts & feelings and go from there if that proves ineffective.

It’s funny.  When I got this book on CD from the library, I was a little daunted at having to listen to 8 discs, but now I don’t want this book/CD to end.  I’m learning so much.

I also heard about this book on CD – Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell – that I checked out at the library, which looks like an interesting read/listen (never sure what to say for books on CD).  Will listen to that and learn more about that millionaire I mentioned last week – Steven K. Scott – after I’ve finished Money and the Law of Attraction.