Really just spent the last week observing & changing my posture so that my lower back is straight.  I’ve already noticed a big difference in how my abs protrude, and I can definitely feel/see the difference when I switch back and forth between my anterior tilt posture and a normal posture.  I can’t believe I never noticed it before.  Thanks again, Julia!

I’ve been been incorporating Hicks/Abraham’s Law of Attraction to not just my Road to Financial Abundance, but to my health goals and all other aspects of my life.  Meaning that when I find myself thinking negative thoughts or focusing on the lack of something, and I in turn feel bad; I change my thoughts to ones that make me feel good.  In this process, I’ve noticed that about 75% of my thoughts are focused on the lack of something, or things I do not want – love handles, tummy fat, low energy, poor sleep, etc.  So instead, I have changed my thoughts to positive ones, and focusing on the things I do want, and things I appreciate right now.  I’m confident this will help me achieve all my goals in a faster and more pleasant way.

Next week I will have to start walking to work again (2.5 miles, 45 min), in addition to walking back (total of 5 miles & 2 hours).  I’m sure that will burn some extra calories.  But I don’t want to rely on that, as I would rather dedicate at least 1 of those 2 hours to something else besides exercise, like spending time with family, writing, or something else.

On a smaller note, I have been eating more almonds at work, since I thought 8-10 was a serving size, when really it’s about 25.  Jesus.  I’ll try to eat about 15 per day during lunch time, to ensure my protein intake.

Plans for this week include my continued search for a kettlebell, and finding more body weight exercises to build lean muscle and speed up my metabolism.  And ensuring my thoughts & feelings are positive & inspiring.