Been improving my positive thoughts & feelings, and I’m feeling better & better.  There are definitely “road bumps” where, in the midst of realizing my focus on the lack of something or the negative aspect of something, I realize deeper, more subconscious thoughts, like unworthiness or feeling small.  So it has definitely been two weeks of mental & spiritual growth; now I want to see financial growth.  Hehe.

Just remembered I need to research Steven K. Scott.  Just did that quickly and discovered he also has religious books, which makes me a bit hesitant about him, but I want to glean anything useful from anybody or anything.  So I booked a few of his books & books on CD from the library.

Still need to listen to Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.  Should be interesting.

I have one more disc of Money and the Law of Attraction to listen to, and I’m a bit sad it’s over, but I know their teachings are summed up concisely in those 8 discs.  I’m excited that I’m applying the Law of Attraction to my life, and I’m looking forward to listening to Outliers and other resources to help me achieve wealth, but I feel like Hicks/Abraham’s teachings are already the most effective I will come across.  But more knowledge is always useful, so I will continue researching other wealth-building resources.