I’m confident my body has adjusted to having good posture now, with a strong lower back.  I don’t have to consciously correct my posture as much.

Had a great opportunity to get fitness advice from a guy who used to be in the army.  He educated me about the different areas the army focuses on – biceps & back, triceps & chest, legs, shoulder, abs (as well as some exercises for each muscle group).  He taught me that the army instructed them to work one muscle group one day, then rest for 1-2 days.  He also confirmed that abs are one of the few muscles that you can exercise everyday.  I’m planning out a new exercise routine that works my biceps & back and triceps & chest, since I already feel I exercise my abs & legs.

This is my rough plan of my new routine:

Mon: HIIT + Strength training (biceps & back)

Tues: HIIT + Strength training (triceps & chest)

Wed: HIIT + Strength training (biceps & back)

Thurs: HIIT + Strength training  (triceps & chest)

Fri: HIIT + Strength training (biceps & back)

Sat: Rest

Sun: HIIT + Strength training (whichever muscle group)

I also want to incorporate some new HIIT routines, so I will research my youtube subscriptions this week and implement them next week.

Next week I take my 1-month photos.  I’m nervous that my progress will even be visible.  Oh well.  We’ll find out.