Been a bit of a rough week – realizing my negative thought processes in response to certain things in life, and working on changing those negative thoughts into positive ones.  Good thoughts = Good feelings = Good actions = Good outcomes.  I’m using the word “good” very subjectively, to mean “intended”, among other positive words.

Began listening to Outliers last week, and it is very interesting.  Only listened to disc 1 of 7, and I wish I had burned more onto my iPod.  The book definitely makes you stop and think about our definition of “success” and the different factors involved in an individual becoming successful.  I can’t wait to finish the book this week.

I’m also meeting with one of our wealthiest family friends tomorrow to ask her how she ecame so rich.  I feel a bit odd asking that question, perhaps because it is so direct.  I’m looking forward to gleaning useful information from her and other rich people.