Almost forgot about taking my 1-month photos.  Have to say, I’m not overly happy about the results.  I can’t really see any progress in the photos, except for my corrected lower back.  It doesn’t help that I ate like 5 slices of pizza today, so I feel so bloated.  But no excuses!  I’m looking forward to when I will have a defined 6-pack and obliques, no matter what I eat.

Saw my sister’s friend today and he has really defined abs, and he doesn’t even exercise!  At first, I thought, “Lucky bastard…”.  But I caught myself, and praised him instead for how well his body maintains itself.  I’m looking forward to having the same thing.

Was lucky enough to have a buddy bring over a pair of dumbbells last week, so I started using two 3-lbs ones for squats and some ab exercises.  I also kicked up my normal HIIT training by doing different exercises to raise my heart level.  Since I’ve been doing jumping jacks & running in place for the majority of my cardio for the past 3 years, I can tell my body has adjusted to where it takes a LONG time for me to get fatigued when doing either.  So I mixed up my normal HIIT training by adding in some spiderman push-ups, squat thrusts, burpees, and other exercises.

My awesome boyfriend bought me an interval timer for Christmas, so I will finally start using it next week.  Just need to get batteries.  So I’m looking forward to increasing the intensity of my HIIT, and adding weights to my exercises.