Increasing the intensity of my HIIT and adding 3-6 lbs weights to my strength training has made exercising much more…intense.  It’s definitely something new to get used to; it’s not something I can coast through, which I’ve been semi-used to doing with my regular cardio – jumping jacks & running in place.  So this is a good thing.

I shortened my regular HIIT from 30 min to 20 min, since the intensity is so much higher now.  I’m out of breath much faster.  I am noticing my triceps getting larger, and my abs getting harder due to the added 3 lbs weight.  So that’s really exciting.

Haven’t used the interval timer yet, since working out to music tracks has been effective.  But I might use it if working out for 3-4 min is too intense.

Last week though, I ate A LOT of pizza 3 days in a row, so I felt really bloated.  Normally I get really down on myself for eating lots of carbs, but I was pretty chill about it this time, since I remembered that stressing only prohibits digestion.  I tell myself, “I have a naturally high metabolism” and I try to believe it until it becomes truth.

Next week: Alternate between triceps & chest and biceps & back exercises.