Pulled a muscle on the left side of my neck on Thursday as I was drying my hair.  I think this was due to using that 3 lbs weight behind my head for crunches.  I have thus changed to using the weight on my chest for crunches.  Hard lesson.  The first two days of my injury, I couldn’t move my head at all.  I felt like a bird. Not to mention feeling stupid telling people I injured my neck drying my hair.

Still keeping the intensity of my HIIT high, which takes constant vigilance, since I am used to regular cardio, where I am used to letting my heart rate be at a comfortable level.  So I constantly have to remind myself to keep at a high intensity.  I find that I’m worn out after 15 minutes, which is fine, since most HIIT routines I’ve seen on youtube and other sites are around 15-20 minutes.  This is great because now I can dedicate more time to other activities, like my Road to Financial Abundance.  Hehe.

I would love to take a kung fu and/or yoga class.  I can’t wait till I make enough money to do so, as that will be a nice change of pace in terms of exercise.

I’ve been ironing out a routine of alternating between triceps & chest and biceps & back exercises.  So I’ll just continue this for next week.