On disc 2 of Steven Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire and it’s continuing to prove its value.  The next session was determining the following in my personal & business/career life:

  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Things I love to do most
  • Things I do really well

It was actually a bit challenging to do this, as I realized I am a little too modest about listing my strengths and things I do really well.  I believe that stems from my Japanese side of modesty/humbleness being an admirable trait.  But I think in the US, modesty/humbleness can be seen as being small and/or weak, which is how I perceived myself.  I sometimes wonder how my self-image would’ve turned out had I grown up in Japan. Anyhoo…

Scott explains that knowing your strengths & weaknesses is like having a strong foundation.  Which makes sense.  He recommended asking friends & family to add or modify the list, as they probably can shed light on strengths & weaknesses I had never thought of.  So I am waiting for my mom & sister to provide feedback on the list.  As soon as they do this and I have a more accurate assessment of my strengths & weaknesses, I can move on to the next session in Scott’s program.  I’m excited!

I also started listening to Echkhart Tolle’s book, The Power of NOW.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about this book, especially how it helps you to live in the present more, which I definitely need to do more of.  The first disc is fairly heavy stuff, so I’m having a bit of trouble understanding all that Tolle talks about, but I know it’ll call come together.  Much like Hicks/Abraham’s teachings.