Last week I made a list of the following:

  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Things I love to do most
  • Things I do really well

I had my mom, sister, and boyfriend verify/modify this list, to ensure I had an accurate assessment.  Turns out I did, for the most part.  Though both my mom & boyfriend underlined “NO CONFIDENCE” in my weakness list.  Good to know.

For Steven Scott’s next session in his Mentored by a Millionaire, he talked about the ‘Power of Persuasion’, and how and when to use it.  I already knew most of the principles – honor & respect the listener, really listen to the speaker, etc.  But he did teach me four additional keys to effective communication/persuasion:

  1. Reference something/somebody the person already knows (i.e., a celebrity)
  2. Ask specific questions, as opposed to general questions (Example: ‘What did you have for dinner last night?’)
  3. Salting – designed to attract a listener’s highest attention.  Only to be used sparingly (Example: ‘What I’m about to tell you can boost your sales by 50%’)
  4. Use emotional word pictures – A word, statement, or story that creates an instant picture in listeners’ minds that clarifies what you are trying to say and implants a feeling into their emotions

Very useful stuff. Especially because I’m passionate about education and instructional design; I think the above principles can help clarify & explain a variety of things to different people.

I’m excited to get to the next session/lesson in Scott’s program.

Regarding Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of NOW – I’m on disc 6/8, and while it’s very heavy & deep, I find that I AM “getting” what he’s talking about.  I use the word “getting”, because his message is not really something one can understand; one needs to feel it.  Which makes it difficult to describe his message/principle.  But so far the main helpful thing I’ve gleaned is that, our thoughts don’t have to dominate/run our lives.  We can observe our thoughts and not get lost in them.  This is actually a very empowering concept, because often I will feel overwhelmed by my thoughts.  Tolle gives some simple exercises to help you be in the NOW and to be present, and so far they work.  I’m looking forward to toying around with this concept more.  So far I am feeling more and more in the present.

Next week: Continue listening to Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire and Tolle’s The Power of NOW.  I should be done with The Power of NOW by next week.