I have fine-tuned my alternation between working my triceps & chest and biceps & back, and I looked into fitness apps on my new iPod Touch, and I got batteries for my interval timer.  Woo-hoo!  I just forgot the batteries at my boyfriend’s house.  Dang.

Now my work out schedule is as follows, 6 days per week:

  • 5 min warm-up
  • 15-20 min HIIT/tabata + strength training
  • 10 min ab exercises + strength training (alternate btwn triceps & chest and biceps & back)

For triceps & chest, I’ll do diamond push-ups between ab exercises.

For biceps & back, I’ll do pull-ups between ab exercises.

I still need to figure out and implement good back exercises though.  Next week, I’ll implement more regimented HIIT routines that I found on youtube.  They are 15-20 min, which is great, because then I can devote more time to other things in life.

Another thing I started to do that really raises the intensity of my work outs, is counting out my reps.  I have always been opposed to this, because I feel it mechanizes the work out, which in turn leads to boredom.  But now I’m finding that it actually drives me to achieve as many reps as I can before the time runs out, which results in more calories burned.  Yeah!  One push-up!  Two push-up!  A-ha-ha-ha!  (That’s supposed to be Count von Count)

Next week:

  • Actually insert batteries into interval timer, and use it for HIIT
  • Look into back exercises
  • Continue raising the bar on how many reps I can do in an allotted amount of time
  • Continue looking into fitness apps