Thought I finished Eckharte Tolle’s Power of NOW, but turned out I still have 2 more discs to listen to.  I’m not enthusiastic about finishing them though, as my comprehension of it has been up & down.  My mom is borrowing the discs now, so I’m OK with finishing the last two when she’s done.  The most valuable thing I gleaned from him is to “observe the thinker”.  Meaning, you don’t have to be a slave to your thoughts; you can be separate from them and just observe them and not be affected by them.  So that helps A LOT, because I have often felt swept away by my thoughts.

Finished listening to discs 4 & 5 of Steven Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire.  Scott gives a great lesson about planning out your dreams.  Here is what I gleaned in a nutshell:





This is really helpful, because up until now, I’ve just been listing my DREAMS.  So tomorrow I will list out the GOALS, STEPS, & TASKS for each of my DREAMS.  Scott instructs you to prioritize your DREAMS first, which makes sense.  So I’m really excited to actually map out my dreams!  Yay!

For the past two weeks I’ve been getting more & more frustrated about my lack of progress towards both my physical & financial goals/dreams, and I have to remind myself that being angry only takes me away from what I want.  But still, sometimes I find it difficult NOT to get angry.  But I think this mapping out process Scott describes will really help me feel like I’m making progress.

Next week:

  • Continue listening to Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire