Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since I started this series.  As I look at my 2-month progress, I’m tempted to berate myself and ask, “What progress???”  Because I don’t see any.  Aside from Julia’s awesome advice to correct my lower back posture, I haven’t come across any significant pieces of advice that have catapulted me into the body I want.

These are the steps I’ve taken towards my goal:

  • Added 11 grams of protein into my diet (4 days/week) via hemp protein powder in my morning & lunch fruit smoothies in hopes of bulking up and thus burning more fat
  • Varied my work outs by doing more HIIT and tabata routines
  • Added free weights to work outs (3-6 lbs weights)
  • Worked out different muscle groups
  • Added around 1 more hour of sleep
  • Walked to & from work sporadically (on average, 10 miles/week)

And yet after all that.  No visible progress.  I have bulked up my arms, so I’m happy about that.  And my obliques have grown more prominent, which is great.  But my mid-section’s shape is still that of an hour-glass, and my lower abs are not defined.  ARGH!

What do I have to do?!  I know what I DON’T want – fat around my mid-section.  I know what I DO want – a toned mid-section with clearly defined abs.  Is that too much to ask?  Why is this so hard???  As much as I try to keep a positive, optimistic attitude about this, I still get so frustrated.

I decided to stop taking the hemp protein powder.  It’s gross, and I only took it in hopes that it would help build muscle, and thus burn fat.  But that’s clearly not working, and I’m not going to continue eating something gross.  I do want to eat more protein though, so I will find some way of doing that, either by almonds or chicken or something.

Only in the past two weeks have I increased the intensity of my HIIT, so there is still time to see progress or lack there of.

Like Edison said – these are NOT failures; they are lessons of what does not work, and thus will get me closer to my goal (I’m paraphrasing).

I think the weights and added intensity of my work outs is definitely (I want to say working, but really, I have no evidence of that) a nice change, so I will maintain both.

I finally got batteries for my interval trainer, but it has been a little difficult to set up and get used to, so I’ve just been using Bex Life’s youtube vids to work out to.  I change up some of the exercises though, to ensure I’m working different muscle groups.  Next week I’ll hopefully, finally get comfortable using the interval timer and explore other HIIT routines.  But for now, I’m actually getting a good work out (or so I think) doing what I’m doing.

Next week:

  1. Incorporate protein after work out and throughout day (via almonds, chicken, or other) to ensure muscle growth & fat burning
  2. Find way to maintain positive attitude