Sorry I missed last week, everyone.  Just been so hectic this month.  Plus, I’ve been a little hesitant to give a status report on my progress towards wealth, since it’s been a little up & down.

Last week I mapped out all my dreams (about 7 major ones), and the most important one was (can you guess?) financial abundance.  Specifically, to generate $10,000 per month in active & passive income.  I mapped out the Goals, Steps, & Tasks needed to accomplish this, and man it seemed like a lot.  One of the things I could start doing was to start watching and learning affiliate marketing from that website Affilorama.  There are over 20 videos, so it’s been a bit daunting trying to find time to even watch one (some are 20 min long).

Related to this, is Scott’s next lesson – Partnering.  Scott states that partnering with the right people can get you to your dreams faster.  What classifies “right” people?  People who are experts in the areas you aren’t, who will help you accomplish your dreams.  While this makes sense, I wish Scott had given more concrete examples; the ones he gave were very lukewarm.  So that was a bit disappointing.  Scott also talked about having a positive attitude, which I already knew about, but never hurts to hear great advice multiple times, I guess.

Started listening to Hicks/Abraham’s Money and the Law of Attraction again, as I find that really gives me a boost.  It made me realize that being relaxed and positive, no matter what, is tantamount to achieving your dreams.  And up until now I’ve always been stressed and worried about whether or not I’ll achieve my dreams.  They also reminded me of 4 great tools I can use to help me become positive, in any situation:

  1. Pivoting – Stating what you DON’T want, then stating what you DO want
  2. List of positive aspects (basically things you are grateful for)
  3. Listing reasons WHY you want something
  4. Telling a new story

All four have proven to help me immensely in relaxing and steering my thoughts & emotions in a more positive direction. And I want to be relaxed & positive in any situation – with or without wealth.  Of course I can’t wait to HAVE wealth, so I can do more things in life.

So next week:

  1. I’m still going to try to listen to as many Affilorama video tutorials as I can about affiliate marketing
  2. Finish Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire