Bah, sorry guys – just been having trouble keeping on posting weekly entries for both pages.

Last we left off, I said I was going to do the following:

  1. Incorporate protein after work out and throughout day (via almonds, chicken, or other) to ensure muscle growth & fat burning
  2. Find way to maintain positive attitude

Well I have been eating 15-30 almonds while at work, so I’m confident I’m getting more protein than I was before, so that’s good.

Listening to Abraham-Hicks’ Money and the Law of Attraction really gave me a positive boost. It made me realize that being relaxed and positive, no matter what, is tantamount to achieving your dreams.  And up until now I’ve always been stressed and worried about whether or not I’ll achieve my dreams.  They also reminded me of 4 great tools I can use to help me become positive, in any situation:

  1. Pivoting – Stating what you DON’T want, then stating what you DO want
  2. List of positive aspects (basically things you are grateful for)
  3. Listing reasons WHY you want something
  4. Telling a new story

All four have proven to help me immensely in relaxing and steering my thoughts & emotions in a more positive direction. And I want to be relaxed & positive in any situation – with or without the perfect body.

So I think this relaxed, positive attitude will help me in all aspects of life.

Last week I messed up my left shoulder doing a set of dive bomber push ups though, so that’s been kind of sucky.  I wasn’t able to do push up all last week.  But no big deal – I just need to be extra careful & aware when I do those dive bomber push ups.

Also I started doing ab rotations on my exercise ball throughout the day after I go to the bathroom at work.  Before, I would do that or some other exercise until I was “fatigued”.  But now I’ve decided to do an exercise for 1 minute, and see how many reps I can do.  It’s definitely more challenging, which is fun.

I’m also going to do more pull-ups, since I’ve read that is a excellent not only for your abs, but for a lot of other major muscle groups.  Thank you to my boyfriend for getting me that pull-up bar!

Next week:

  1. Start doing pull-ups everyday
  2. Come up with more muscle-specific exercises (triceps & chest, biceps & back)