(*Note: I do NOT want to look like the above image; it was the only good image I could find that portrayed the back muscles)

Last we left off, I said I was going to do the following:

  1. Start doing pull-ups everyday
  2. Come up with more muscle-specific exercises (triceps & chest, biceps & back)

I actually have been thinking that perhaps I should have a day of rest between pull-up days (I do them MWF), to allow my muscles to repair.  So I will continue doing pull-ups MWF for the next two weeks and watch for progress.  I already see some progress – I used to only be able to do 2 pull-ups, and now after 2 weeks, I can do 3!

I thought my left shoulder was nearly healed, so I chanced some burpees and push-ups.  Mistake.  It’s definitely not healed yet.  So I’ve been keeping off my arms for the past 2 days.

Here are 3 great back exercises I will integrate into my routines:

  1. Dumbell Rows
  2. Alternating Dumbell Rows
  3. Back Extension

I pretty much only needed to find more back exercises, as I already know ones for triceps, biceps, and chest.  I’m excited to see the effects of doing pull-ups.

Next week:

  1. Fully recover left shoulder, so I can exercise my triceps, chest, and biceps
  2. Incorporate back exercises into routine