Last we left off, I said I would do the following:

  1. I’m still going to try to listen to as many Affilorama video tutorials as I can about affiliate marketing
  2. Finish Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire

Well I haven’t watched anymore Affilorama tutorials, simply because it’s been such a daunting task.  The next one I have to watch is 20 min long, so I’m dreading have to sit through it.  And after that, there are still over 20 more videos to watch.  I will make it a goal to watch ONE of those tutorials for next week, so it’s not so daunting.  Even though I mapped out my DREAMS > GOALS > STEPS > TASKS, watching all those video tutorials still seems daunting.

I finished Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire.  Very good resource.  The last section talked about living in the moment and making the most of your time.  Very similar to The Power of Now.  Let’s see, what are the most valuable tools I gleaned from Scott’s Mentored by a Millionaire?

  • Creating a plan for achieving your dreams
  • Assessing my strengths & weaknesses
  • Tips of effective communication

Those are the 3 tools that stick out in my mind, after reviewing my past posts.  Scott is definitely a good resource for wealth.

Honestly though, I feel I’ve been benefiting the most of from Abraham-Hicks’ teachings.  I just feel lighter and more optimistic after listening to their teachings.  I reserved Hicks’ Ask and it is Given book on CD and Ask and it is Given Part 2: The Processes.  Both should give me more tools for maintaining a positive outlook, which I think is a strong foundation for anything in life.

Next week:

  1. Listen to the podcast Wealth Building by Nightingale-Conant, for more ideas/resources on wealth-building
  2. Relax more and monitor thoughts – keep positive and feel passionate about my desires