Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Fully recover left shoulder, so I can exercise my triceps, chest, and biceps
  2. Incorporate back exercises into routine

I’m very happy to saw my left shoulder is totally healed!  Today I did my first 3 sets of push-ups, and man did it feel good!  I’ve been worried about my upper body getting weak, but it’s only been a week.  I’m excited to start working out my triceps, biceps, and chest muscles again.  I’ve definitely learned to fully stretch my shoulders before exercising, and to do dive bomber push-ups CORRECTLY from now on.

To strengthen my back, I’ve been incorporating alternating dumbell rows into my routines.  I’ve also started doing back extensions on my exercise ball at work.  I can definitely feel my lower back muscles being worked when I do so; I think it’s due to the extended range of motion you can do while on an exercise ball.  So, I feel better knowing I’m strengthening more muscle groups.

If you’ve been reading my Road to Financial Abundance page, you’ve no doubt seen that I’m getting really into Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, as I feel they pertain to all aspects of life.  So I’ve started incorporating their teachings – mainly having a relaxed attitude and belief/expectation that your desires will manifest easily and effortlessly, and that you deserve what you want – with my body.    I feel I’ve done well with my body, ever since I discovered that a big key is to find a physical activity you actually ENJOY.  Also, looking at photographs of the type of body you want, really helps you envision yourself actually HAVING that body eventually.

I’ve also believed and been a bit scared of the belief that if I eat too many carbs or don’t exercise one day, that I would get fat.  But i don’t want to believe that anymore.  I do want to eat sensibly, and I do want to continue exercising and looking for other enjoyable physical activities.  But I don’t want to have any fear about my body becoming fat or undesirable.  I want to be able to say, “Yeah, I just have a really high metabolism” and “It’s pretty easy to maintain this slim, toned body”.  Because I see and hear others with such a situation.  So, like wealth, I will be monitoring and training my thoughts so that they are eventually relaxed and excited about having a desirable body and vitality.

Next week:

  1. Relax more and monitor thoughts – keep positive and feel passionate about my desires
  2. Toy around with incorporating ab exercises with tabata routine (currently, I do ab exercises AFTER my tabata routine.  But I want to see if I can skim some time off my work-out by incorporating my ab exercises with my tabata routine)