Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Listen to the podcast Wealth Building by Nightingale-Conant, for more ideas/resources on wealth-building
  2. Relax more and monitor thoughts – keep positive and feel passionate about my desires

I did discover two new wealth mentors from the podcast Wealth Building by Nightingale-Conant:

  1. Robert Stuberg
  2. Jay Abraham

I’m excited to learn more about them and their teachings, and get my hands on some of their products.

I am relaxing more and I’m getting better and better at monitoring my thoughts, so that I can catch bad-feeling thoughts and replace them with good-feeling ones.  It’s amazing how so many of us have picked up detrimental thought processes & patterns from our family, friends and other people while growing up.  I checked out Hicks’ Ask and it is Given book on CD yesterday and listened to the first disc (out of four) this morning.  One of the big things I’m getting from Abraham-Hicks is that life is meant to be enjoyed and we all know how to live a happy life with little to no stress.  It’s just that so many of us have forgotten how to do that.  I’m eager to finish listening to Ask and it is Given, and to listen to Ask and it is Given Part 2: The Processes, so I can gain a better understanding of myself and arm myself with more effective processes to help me live a relaxed, happy life.

Next week:

  1. Listen to more of Ask and it is Given
  2. Listen to teachings from Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham