What a week.  I caught a nasty flu Friday morning, right after I worked out (which is what probably spurred on the illness).  I didn’t work out Monday, so I could heal.  I’ve been steadily increasing the length of my work-outs since Tuesday, and I’m very happy that I’m all healed!  However, my RIGHT shoulder has been in pain since last week, so once again, I have been unable to do upper body exercises.  Annoying.  The best cause I can think of is my doing side-planks incorrectly on my right arm.  Oh well.  I usually figure out the cause of my injuries.  But for the next week, I’m going to stay off my right arm, which means no upper body exercises.

Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Relax more and monitor thoughts – keep positive and feel passionate about my desires
  2. Toy around with incorporating ab exercises with tabata routine (currently, I do ab exercises AFTER my tabata routine.  But I want to see if I can skim some time off my work-out by incorporating my ab exercises with my tabata routine)

Man, with the flu, came negative thoughts.  I still am a bit affected by it, though it’s gotten loads better.  It was almost as if I was at battle with these random, irritable thoughts.  Very weird.  But I’m back on track now, so I will continue to monitor my thoughts and relax more.  I’m definitely getting loads better at being more relaxed.  I just remind myself that everything’s OK.

Didn’t toy around with incorporating ab exercises with tabata routine; I just wanted to stick to routine while I healed.  Actually, I think the majority of those ab exercises aren’t intense enough to do for HIIT.  But I’ve been thinking of looking into other HIIT routines.

Let’s see, for next week… can’t think of anything.  What can I do to accelerate my six-pack development???  I think I WILL do pull-ups everyday.  I’ll do them in sets of three.  I know you’re supposed to let muscles heal, so they can get stronger, but I guess I feel like pull-ups work so many different muscles, so it’s OK.  I’ll try it for two weeks.

Next two weeks:

  1. Do 3 sets of pull-ups M-F
  2. Look into other HIIT routines, to mix things up