Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Listen to more of Ask and it is Given
  2. Listen to teachings from Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham

I am almost done with Ask and it is Given; I’m on the second half, where they give you 22 processes to help get back into alignment, and they have been proving VERY useful.  So I’m excited for them to help me feel good overall, which will then help me receive more of what I want.

I haven’t looked into teachings from Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham; that will have to be moved to next week.

I caught a nasty flu last Friday, and with it, came negative thoughts.  It’s like I was at battle with these random, irritable thoughts constantly.  They have petered out as I’ve gotten better, but it was weird.  Actually, this morning, I got so pissed off at the lack of progress with my body and with everything, that I just started swearing and going on a mini-rampage of anger.  I’m glad I got it out though, because I was able to move past it relatively quickly.  Plus, realizing that negative emotion is an indicator that I’m out of alignment with my desires – that’s good to know.

Next week:

  1. Listen to teachings from Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham