Well it hasn’t been a full week since my last post, so I haven’t had time to do my one task:

  1. Listen to teachings from Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham

But I HAVE been making great strides in just feeling good, by envisioning my desires and focusing on how I feel as I’m thinking such thoughts.  I’m almost done with Ask and it is Given: Part 2 – The Processes, in which Abraham-Hicks gives you lots of great processes for getting into alignment and feeling better.  I find myself hesitant to finish any Abraham-Hicks materials, since they always help relax me and help me feel good; I don’t want that to stop!  But I have to remember I can always re-listen to their materials, and my feeling good is only dependent upon me.

In an effort to motivate myself more, I googled “Law of Attraction success stories”.  I think it’s important to see others’ results/successes, for the following reasons:

  • To first of all believe that an idea/teaching/process works
  • Examples are great teaching tools

I can’t wait to post my own success stories regarding wealth and health, and pointing out my thoughts, feelings, and actions at certain points – one of my frustrations with a lot of the success stories I’ve found so far, as they don’t really explain this in great detail.  They merely say, “After I started following the steps/processes from John Doe’s book about the Law of Attraction, I saw results so quickly!”.  WHICH steps?  This sounds like an infomercial; why don’t they explain exactly what their thoughts & feelings were, or just delve more into HOW the Law of Attraction worked for them??  That’s EXACTLY what I’m going to do, so I can give others more efficient examples and hopefully help others achieve their desires quicker.

One big thing I’ve learned over the past two years, is to just envision/fantasize about your desires for the sake of feeling good; not from a place of lack or worry.

I found this promising podcast – “Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips“.  The first episode I listened to was really inspiring, as the guest explained that she was very skeptical at first, but that through daily 15-min meditations with a group of her co-workers, her dream job came to her.  She listed exactly what happened and how events coincided with her feelings of abundance, and that inspired me so much.  The second episode I listened to was not as inspiring, since the guest didn’t explain her thoughts/feelings and how they coincided with events.  I’ll keep listening though.

So this week I’ll probably finish Ask and it is Given: Part 2 – The Processes, and listen to more of those podcasts, and simply spend at least 15 min everyday envisioning the manifestation of my desires, and how I feel as I’m doing this (taking care to think thoughts that make me feel good).

This week:

  1. Finish Ask and it is Given: Part 2 – The Processes
  2. Listen to two more Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips episodes

I think I’ll put off listening to Robert Stuberg and/or Jay Abraham, since I think looking at success stories would be more helpful for me at this point.