Yikes, I should have posted 4-month progress photos two weeks ago!  My bad.  Honestly, I have been dreading posting photos, because I haven’t been seeing as much progress as I’ve been wanting.  I have been seeing more progress with my obliques, which is great, but I really want to see that line down the middle of my abs, and to see at least some definition of a six-pack.  But, it’s important to show progress, even if at times you think there is none.

Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Do 3 sets of pull-ups M-F
  2. Look into other HIIT routines, to mix things up

I have been doing more pull-ups, so I’m excited to see more definition in other parts of my body, and to increase my strength in general.

Haven’t had time to look into other HIIT routines; I’ll try to do that next week.

Next week:

  1. Continue doing pull-ups Mon – Fri
  2. Look into other HIIT routines