Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue doing pull-ups Mon – Fri
  2. Look into other HIIT routines

With both shoulders fully recuperated now (still not exactly sure how I injured them, which is a bit irritating), I can exercise my upper body more again.  Here are some of my theories for the cause of my shoulder injuries:

  1. Working out with 6-lbs dumbells
  2. Doing strength training in improper form

So, I’ve learned to take extra caution with strength training, and that I should take the time to do strength training exercises slowly and in proper form.  I’m a little nervous now to do any strength training involving weights, but I still want to incorporate them.  So, i’ll just take new ones (and existing ones) nice & slow.  I also still want to take a kettlebell class in the near future.

Pull-ups Mon – Fri are going good; still haven’t increased my maximum number of reps (3), but I don’t expect that until my second or third week.  It feels good to do them, as pull-ups incorporate so many muscle groups.

Just stumbled across another great fitness article – “Lose Your Love Handles: 6 moves to crunch away fat and tone your obliques“.  I’ll definitely incorporate the following oblique exercises into my routines now:

  • Side jackknife
  • Oblique V-up
  • Speed rotation (Pictured above; most excited about this one)

The other ones scare me a bit, because they look like you can get carried away with the motion and injure yourself.  But I might incorporate them in the future.

Haven’t look into more HIIT routines, which I might do at some point this week.

Next week:

  1. Continue pull-ups M-F
  2. Try out new oblique exercises
  3. Possibly look into more HIIT routines