Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Finish Ask and it is Given: Part 2 – The Processes
  2. Listen to two more Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips episodes

I did finish Ask and it is Given: Part 2 – The Processes, and it is one of the best resources for feeling good and attracting abundance.  Below are some of the best processes I gleaned from the book:

  • “What If/Wouldn’t it be nice” game
  • Prosperity Game
  • Dreams
  • Book of positive aspects
  • Moving up the emotional scale

I find myself playing the “Wouldn’t it be nice” game often, which gives me feelings of relief & excitement (which means I’m releasing resistance to attracting abundance).  I just started playing the “Prosperity Game” today and I’m looking forward to playing it for the rest of the month, as it definitely makes me think about what I will use my money on.

The “Dreams” process has been really helpful because Abraham-Hicks explains that dreams indicate your emotional/vibrational set-point about something.  So for example, if I had a dream about money and I was feeling nervous in the dream, that would mean I’m feeling doubtful or nervous about money.  Hmm, perhaps not a good example, but hopefully you get the idea.  It is a great thing to know your emotional/vibrational status on certain aspects.  So that has been and will be very helpful.

I have now listened to a total of 3 Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episodes, and I love them.  They are such a source of inspiration.  I love the host – Nat Couropmitree – because he asks exactly how the person used the Law of Attraction (LOA) and the exact steps they took or things that happened as a result of those steps.

Today’s guest was a Cecilia.  One great thing I took away from Cecilia is that, whenever she started doubting herself, she would prove her doubts wrong.  Either by searching for examples of other people who have accomplished similar things, or past times in her life when she has gotten what she wanted.  To doubt your doubt.  Love it.

Another really useful thing I gleaned from another guest, was to journal.  Because, says the guest, journaling can help you discover any resistant thoughts/beliefs you may have, that are keeping abundance from coming to you.  I started yesterday, and I know it’s going to be really helpful.  Particularly because my family grew up in financial lack, and so I know I must have some lingering resistant thoughts/beliefs about money.  So, I know it’s going be extremely helpful to write that out and to simply ponder it.

Next week:

  1. Continue playing the Prosperity Game
  2. Continue journaling; identify & remove any resistant thoughts/beliefs
  3. Listen to at least one Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episode per day