Just listened to another Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episode, with guest Daylle Deanna Schwartz.  Wow, one of the most inspirational interviews I have heard on this podcast.  Schwartz is so confident and gave so many examples of how she used the LOA and the outcomes of the LOA.

Some great things I learned from Schwartz:

  • It’s OK to ask the universe for signs or small manifestations or help believing in the LOA
  • Start off with small manifestations, so you can see evidence of the LOA working, and therefore increase your faith in it and yourself
  • Sometimes your higher power/being knows you’re not ready for a desire/goal; just always be patient and trust yourself and the universe to give you what you want at the right time
  • Thanking the universe in advance for a manifested desire can help you get into alignment more
  • Reminder that if you want something, you deserve it

So I did ask the universe for small manifestations/signs:

  1. To see some extra daily income (ideally over $1)
  2. Noticeable signs that my dream job was coming to me

Not only did I feel so light and confident and heard, but so many wonderful things DID happen!

  1. I remembered the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips guest who recommended journaling – Dawn Alcott.  I remember she offered advice for writers, so I contacted her asking just that and stating my desire for my dream job.  She replied almost instantly with extremely supportive advice & support.  Oh look!  She just replied again to my response!  Can’t wait to read it!
  2. Also, my younger sister, who has also been job hunting for the past 3 weeks, called gleefully to tell me she had just secured a job at a company that was close to her house; the manager was very straight forward and was impressed by her energy & determination; and she’s going to be paid more than she expected.  I’m so happy for her, and I know this is a signthat my dream job is coming.
  3. I got a call from a staffing agency for a job!  The job was too far away, but I know this is another sign from the universe telling me my dream job is coming

Day’s not over, and I’m keeping my eyes out for that extra income.  It might be a dollar on the street; I don’t care – I just want to see some type of manifestation.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you all how exciting a day it’s been with the LOA!