Last week I said would do the following:

  1. Continue playing the Prosperity Game
  2. Continue journaling; identify & remove any resistant thoughts/beliefs
  3. Listen to at least one Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episode per day

1. I have been diligent about playing the Prosperity Game and it is turning out to be very fun!  I decided to give myself increments of $10,000 per day, since I have some expensive things I want to buy & do (i.e., paying off my family’s medical debt, buying a car for myself and my mom, buying a house, travel, etc).  Currently I’m up to $160,000 and have bought nearly everything I can think of, except a house.  I reckon I’ll need about $1,000,000 to buy a descent one.  But with the rate money is flowing to me in the game, that shouldn’t take long.  Hehe.  It’s definitely a great, mixed feeling of “This is crazy” & “Wow, this is cool!”.  One cool thing – I receive daily Groupon/Living Social deals and I usually ignore the travel ones (i.e., “3 nights in Cancun”, “Weekend stay in Alpine Lodge”, etc); but now that I’m raking in so much money, I’m actually looking at any deals, anything I can spend my money on!  Hehe.

I admit I was skeptical about this process initially; I thought, “I already know what I want and it’s not much.  If I just received $1,000,000 right now, I’d be set.  So give it to me!  I don’t need this game to help me attract money.”  But I was wrong; this process definitely puts me in the mindset of attracting and spending money.  I highly recommend it.

2. For journaling – I’ve been doing a combination of journaling and speaking to the universe aloud.  I admit I’m a bit frustrated that I haven’t seen any extra income after I asked the universe to provide it.  But now I’m asking related questions, like, “What resistances do I have against money?”; “Help me figure out how I can attract the income I desire”, etc.  I’m looking forward to journaling more though, as I think it helps me uncover resistant thought patterns.

3. I was doing good about listening to one Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episode every day last week, but not so much this week, since it’s been raining so heavily and I’ve been having to take the bus to & from work (I normally listen to an episode while walking to or from work, since it takes about an hour and each episode is 30 min).  I’m fine with this though, since I feel I get so much out of each episode, that sometimes I like to mull over one and I remember certain helpful parts from the episode a day later.

One great thing I didn’t mention last week – I contacted the host/creator of Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast, Nat Couropmitree, to ask him why he stopped the podcast.  He replied that day, explaining that “it was time consuming and I wasn’t sure if I was really making a difference”.  I emphatically told him that each episode makes a huge, positive difference to me.  I also told him that I (and I’m sure many others) would love it if he started the podcast again, or something similar.  He gave me some amazing, insightful advice:

“Start imagining that it’s easy, that you have it everyday, that it’s all around, that you receive it just as easy as you breathe in air. Start loving it for the sake of loving it. Love it when you spend it. Love it when you save it. Love it when you give it to others. Love it when you pay the bills. Start seeing in everywhere… even when you see it on TV or in a magazine or someone else has it… these are all signs that more is coming your way.

Eventually you’ll see and feel that money is not somewhere ‘out there’. It’s actually a part of you, a part of your vibration. It’s who you are. Thus you don’t need to seek it out there. It comes in many expected ways and many surprising ways as a natural reflection of you.

…you already have financial abundance. You don’t have to achieve it. Just look for evidence that it’s here instead of looking for evidence that it’s not here yet.”

Wow.  Just wow.  I pasted his above quotation on my Desired work document.  His words definitely comfort me and teach me that I already have financial abundance; I just have to look for evidence of it  in order for it to manifest.

Next week:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game