Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue 3-month pullup regimen
  2. Incorporate new exercises into tabata routine

1. Hehe, well I might have chosen a bad time to start the 3-month pullup regimen, since I started it 2 days before Thanksgiving break.  Here is the choppy beginning:

11/22 – 3 pullups

11/23 – 5 pullups

11/24 – 7 pullups

11/25 – X

11/26 – X

11/27 – X

11/28 – X

11/29 – 8 pullups

So far it’s not that challenging, since you can space out the pullups throughout the day, so you’re not exhausting yourself.  I know the second month involves more intense routines though.

2. Seems I’m always slow to incorporate new exercises/routines, I think due to a bit of OCD.  So far I’ve only incorporated the Bird Dog and a dumbbell exercise I can’t remember the name of.

Due to an inspiring Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episode, I have been doing multisensory visualizations of my ideal body.  Feeling sweat slide down that line running down my six-pack; feeling my V-shaped obliques; hearing remarks from people about my improved physique; feeling each ab comprising my six-pack; seeing this ideal body in the mirror at any angle; feeling vitality & high energy.  Fuck yeah!  Hehe.  It really does get me excited & motivated, because I start feeling I’ve already obtained this ideal body.  Yeah, I’m going to have the above body soon, bitches.

Next week:

  1. Continue 3-month pullup regimen (second week)
  2. Incorporate at least 1 new exercise into tabata routine