Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game

Sadly, the majority of the recent Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast episodes hasn’t been the most inspiring.  Here is my commentary on them:

A) Deb Ball (energy worker)

– I was frustrated listening to this interview, which is ironic and a shame, since the guest is a good friend of the host, Nat.  The interview with Deb was like listening to an average new age person, with their mystical, overly general advice (i.e., “People think too much from their brains, and less from their hearts”).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting more in touch with our higher being, but I thought this podcast was supposed to be about Law of Attraction Success Stories & Tips.  I suppose this episode could fall under the umbrella of “tips”.  What I really want out of these episodes though is the guest’s personal experience with the LOA and specific steps/tools they used, and what specific manifestations occurred from the use of such steps/tools.

Gems of advice:

  • Try getting more in tune with your Inner Being/Higher Power, which will help you in all facets of life

B) Heather Novak (

– The interview with Heather was basically a 30 minute sales pitch, with Nat & Heather plugging their new workshop/class they created, and who it would benefit, and why people should take it.  Now, I understand trying to market your ideas & projects, but I felt they could’ve plugged this project for maybe 10 minutes; not the whole 30 minute episode.  Again, I would’ve preferred to hear Heather’s personal experiences with the LOA.

Gems of advice:

  • Getting what you want should be FUN!

C) Carolyn Wilman (Contest Queen)

– This was the best of these four episodes.  Carolyn is a professional “sweepstaker”/contest-winner.  I loved show she talked about her success using daily affirmations.  She brought up a useful piece of advice – the wording of your affirmation must resonate with you in order for it to be effective.  Carolyn actually took bits of affirmations from famous LOA guides (i.e., Abraham-Hicks, Joe Vitali, Mary Robinson-Reynolds, Jack Canfield) to create a customized affirmation that works for her.  I think I’ll explore winning contests, but really, I feel like if you have a steady stream of income, you have more power in buying whatever you want, whenever you want.  Though I certainly see the excitement in entering & winning things.  🙂

Gems of advice:

  • More LOA guides: Joe Vitali, Mary Robinson-Reynolds, Jack Canfield
  • If you use affirmations, make sure the wording resonates with you

D) Jean Newell (entrepreneur/inventor)

– Jean was interesting; it was comforting to be reminded that it’s never too late to do what you love and have the LOA work for you.

Gems of advice:

  • Have faith in yourself and in the LOA; dismiss anyone who tells you ‘no’ (within reason)

Next week:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast.  I think there are only a few more episodes left, so I’m a bit sad about that.  But I’m confident I can find something else just as enriching.  I think I’ll see what Joe Vitali, Mary Robinson-Reynolds, Jack Canfield have to offer.
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game