Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue 3-month pullup regimen (third week)

Well, I had a bit of a setback since the upper door frame fell off my door, so I was unable to do any pullups Thurs – Mon.  Sucky, but shit happens.  I’m going to start back up today.  Below is my progress:

11/22 – 3 pullups

11/23 – 5 pullups

11/24 – 7 pullups

11/25 – X

11/26 – X

11/27 – X

11/28 – X

11/29 – 8 pullups

11/30 – 9 pullups

12/1 – X

12/2 – 7 pullups

12/3 – X

12/4 – X

12/5 – 8 pullups

12/6 – 10 pullups

12/7 – 11 pullups

12/8 – pullup bar broken

12/9 – pullup bar broken

12/10 – pullup bar broken

12/11 – pullup bar broken

12/12 – pullup bar broken

So I’m steadily increasing my total amount of pullups, which is exciting.

Stumbled upon this great vid, of this guy listing 5 effective strength training exercises that work out multiple areas of the body:

Here are the 5 exercises:

  1. Squat
  2. Deadlift
  3. Pullup
  4. Bench press
  5. Cleans

It definitely makes me want to get a barbell set & bench.  I think I will get one soon, if not for Christmas.  I realize now that compound exercises are, overall, better than isolation exercises.  Check out this informative article on the matter – Which Is Better – Compound or Isolation Exercises?

Some great news!  I posted a comment on a Physical Living post, asking John (the owner of the site) if he could do a post about how to increase one’s metabolism.  He recommended I read the ebook “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”, by bodybuilder Tom Venuto.  I was very hesitant to invest $40 into this ebook, because the website looks so spammy.  But after reading some reviews (on different sites), I felt better about buying it.  My awesome boyfriend actually got it for me and I am really jazzed about this ebook for the following reasons:

  • Venuto, whether he realizes it or not, promotes using the Law of Attraction as a major factor in achieving any goals –

“What you think about repeatedly every day is eventually accepted by your subconscious
mind and your subconscious mind guides your actions on ‘auto-pilot.’ This is the basis
for the entire positive thinking movement.”

  • Simple & easy to read
  • Venuto stresses importance of understanding that goal-setting is crucial to achieving your goals
  • Venuto stresses importance of understanding that muscles are crucial for weight loss
  • Any many more myth-busting, inspirational, informative facts

The ebook is 340 pages long, comprised of 17 chapters.  I’m on chapter 3 (page 50) and Venuto just finished talking about importance of goal-setting and daily affirmations.  Now, I’ve never been a huge fan of affirmations, because I feel like when you repeat something over & over, the meaning of it tends to get lost (“Pledge of Allegiance”, anyone?).  But one big thing I didn’t realize is that it’s important to visualize and feel yourself already having your goal when you say your affirmations.  So starting today, I’m going to be saying the below affirmation (among others) twice a day:

I love my chiseled, toned body with six-pack and V-shaped obliques.  I love that I turn people’s heads whenever I take my shirt off.

So for next week:

  1. Continue 3-month pullup regimen (fourth week)
  2. Continue reading “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”
  3. Eat every three hours (as directed in “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”) to increase metabolism rate
  4. Continue reading affirmations twice a day, with belief and visualization