Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast.
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game

I finished listening to all of the episodes on the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast, which I’m a bit sad about, but towards the end, the episodes got less & less inspiring.  I think this is because the guests talked more about general techniques one can use to attract desires, instead of talking about their own personal experience with the LOA.

My reviews:

A) Candi Sparks (author of “Can I Have Some Money?” money book series)

– I really enjoyed listening to Candi, because she created something so helpful to so many people & generations – a childrens book series about how to handle money.  I wish her books had been around when I was a kid.  I think this is a very important thing to teach not just our kids, but ourselves, since obviously so many adults do not have confidence in handling & growing money.  I’ll definitely be buying her books for my relative’s kids.

I did get annoyed with Nat’s co-host & friend, Heather Novak, for asking questions like, “I’d love to hear more about you, in your personal life, how you’ve incorporated more fun & play in your life…”  Fun & play?  How about the LOA???  I prefer Nat’s questions, which tend to be more specific and centered around the LOA in the guest’s life.

Gems of advice:

  • None really; just inspiring

B) Heather Novak (of and

– Similar to Hicks, Heather summons a group of non-physical beings who call themselves The Joyous Ones.  I don’t really like listening to Heather, because she gives very general advice; I’m looking for specific advice, specific examples of the LOA working for specific people.

Gems of advice:

  • The support of The Joyous Ones, Abraham, and other non-physical beings is always available to you

C) Brent Marchant (author of Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies)

– Ironically, I didn’t like this episode, despite the subject being movies (I’m a huge movie buff).  Nat & Brent basically just talked about the LOA in movies, which doesn’t really speak to me, because most movies are directed and modified in a huge way.  Perhaps nonfictional movies are the closest one can get to showcasing the LOA in movies, but even then, all movies are directed and modified in some way.  Brent plugged his book, again with more general advice, and less specific examples from his own life.

Gems of advice:

  • None, really.

I really hope Nat or someone similar starts up a similar podcast, because I believe specific examples are a big factor in understanding, learning, and applying anything.  Like teaching a child how to ride a bike, you wouldn’t just throw general advice and principles about how to ride a bike and the best ways to ride a bike.  You would teach them a few basic principles, paired with support & faith in the child that they can do it eventually, then tell them to actually try it out.  Then, when the child “fails”, you can give them your own personal experience with learning to ride a bike, or experiences of others.  This can help a person feel not so alone in their efforts.

Same with the LOA – I’ve heard so much general advice and specific steps/processes that can help me attract my desires, but hearing actual people talk about what worked and what didn’t work for them, in terms of the LOA, is really inspirational and a great resource.

OK, enough of that.  Now that I’ve listened to all episodes of the Law of Attraction Success Stories and Tips podcast, I’ve found a similar podcast that talks about LOA and money –Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom, by Gary Bondurant.

The host, Gary, is fun and light, as are most people who successfully use the LOA.  You can tell he’s still trying to figure out the flow and feel of the podcast, which is entertaining.  He keeps talking about “InvestWorks“, which, to my frustration, he never defines or explains.  But I just visited the site today and it looks like an investing company.  Interesting.

Overall, the podcast is inspiring and fun.  Today, I listened to a second episode, where Gary talks about the power of affirmations.  Which is coincidental, because I just started doing affirmations after a long break, due to the strong advice from the ebook “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”, by bodybuilder Tom Venuto (see my Body page to know more).  Gary reiterates that the wording of the affirmation is irrelevant; how you feel is what matters.  But he suggested using the phrase “I decide to have…”, and I must say I feel it’s more powerful than “I have…” or “I love having…”.  So I’ll start using the phrase “I decide to have…” with my daily affirmations.

Next week:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game
  3. Continue saying affirmations aloud twice a day