Last week I said I would do the following:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game
  3. Continue saying affirmations aloud twice a day

I didn’t listen to as many Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast episodes last week, because I just felt really down about the LOA and my situation in general – namely that I lost my job and I haven’t been seeing any progress towards my dream job and higher income.  I just walked to & from work listening to music and trying to visualize a better life.

I’ve been saying my affirmations aloud twice a day, which, until yesterday, was starting to feel mechanic and apathetic.  But last night I spoke with a new house mate, Eliav, and he really inspired & helped me.  In fact, I had been asking the universe for mentors, so once Eliav started talking about goal-setting and advising me, I felt really excited, because I knew I had attracted him into my life!

I was talking with Eliav about my frustrations with goal-setting, namely, that I would write down my goals and say my affirmations twice a day, and I have been in this cycle of getting really pumped/excited, but then I would get discouraged and depressed from not seeing any progress.  I felt I had brainstormed all I could the different methods of obtaining my goals, but nothing I was doing was yielding any results.

Eliav asked me in response, “Are you doing EVERYTHING you can think of to achieve your goals???  Are you approaching strangers in the street and asking them what they do for a living and if they love their job?  You have to pretend like there’s a bomb strapped to your chest and if you don’t achieve your goal within a week/month, you’ll explode!”

Eliav also asked me what emotions I would feel having obtained my desires.  At first, I replied “Relief”, but Eliav said that that was a reactionary emotion.  “You have your desire, you’re relieved, now what do you feel?”  Which, what I think what he was trying to say was, relief is an emotion where one foot is stuck in the past and one stuck in the future, so it’s not an effective emotion to visualize/feel.  And I never thought about that before.  So I instead focused on emotions such as excitement, contentment, happiness, giddy, passionate – all emotions I will have, having obtained what I’ve desired.

Eliav told me how he writes down his weekly goals and how he gets so pumped up about himself and the prospect of achieving those goals.  This is what really grabbed me and made me want to listen to what he had to say, since that is a technique employed by many successful people. He also told me about all these outrageous goals he set for himself and how they mira

So last night, I said aloud my affirmations and I felt so powerful and great.  The same thing this morning.  Which I attribute to visualizing/feeling emotions I will feel once I’ve obtained my desires, instead of relief, which is an emotion half-way between what you don’t want (past) and what you do want (future).

Eliav attributes his advice and techniques and attitude to a workshop he attended a while back, called “Landmark Education“.  The workshop Eliav described sounds very similar to “The Millionaire Mind” workshop my mom & I attended in 2004.  But the difference between the two, explained Eliav, is that “The Millionaire Mind” workshop doesn’t focus enough on your past and purging prohibitive memories/beliefs.  So many of us use our past by default to create our future, when really, our future should be a blank canvas – limitless and full of adventure.

So to sum up:

  • From now on, I’m going to visualize/feel emotions I will feel once I’ve obtained my desires (no more of the emotion, relief)
  • I’m going to brainstorm with my other house mate, Aaron, and others on methods/things I can do to achieve my desires
  • I’m going to have weekly goals and get pumped up about them and myself
  • I’m going to think about going to a Landmark Education workshop in January or February.  It costs $510, but it sounds well worth the investment


Next week:

  1. Continue listening to the Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast
  2. Continue playing the Prosperity Game
  3. Continue saying affirmations aloud twice a day
  4. Brainstorm with mom, Aaron, Eliav, others in general about different methods/things I can do to achieve my goals