With all the hype this movie received, I was very much let down.  I wouldn’t call this a super hero/comic book movie, since there really isn’t anything super about Captain America’s powers, or even those of the villain.  This was basically a glorified Indiana Jones/war film, and not as entertaining.  Before I saw this movie, I thought Captain America and his powers were lame; now, after seeing the movie, I still belief that.  The only parts that really showed off Captain America’s powers was when he jumped over a tall fence and when he was kicking bad guys 10 feet into the air.  Big whoop. Even powerless super heroes (i.e., Batman, Iron Man, etc.) have cool gadgets.  Captain America’s only toy – his vibranium shield – is lame, because there is only so much he can do with it.  Hurling it at enemies, deflecting bullets….hmmm, that’s about it.  And that’s about all they show Captain America doing.

A lot of the movie was very “beat ’em up/storm the fortress with only 5 men”, and I found it very corny.  For example, the first time we see Captain America really in action is when he decides to storm a heavily guarded enemy fortress to rescue his friend.  He of course succeeds, but that whole part Captain America was basically punching and kicking bad guys, which the director did a poor job at making it look entertaining.

Hugo Weaving, who plays Red Skull, does an awesome job as always as a villain.  But there again, his powers were lame.

I looked at the clock a lot during this movie, wondering when it would end.


What was good about it

Decent action at times, though few and far between

What was bad about it

Sucky job at portraying super powers/abilities/gadgets

Corny, cheesy scenes

Sub-par fighting scenes for a movie of this budget