The trailer for this movie deceived me somewhat, into thinking this was going to be a decent romantic comedy.  Probably because of the diverse cast and nice soundtrack.  While this IS a decent romantic comedy, it just barely meets that criteria.  A lot of the lines are very corny and overly theatrical.  Like when Steve Carel’s character’s son makes a big speech for his 8th grade graduation about how love is a joke, and then Carel swoops in to save the day and talk about how valuable love is.  Really?  In front of an assembly of parents and 8th graders?  Now, normally I don’t have a problem with over the top stuff, just as long as it is entertaining.  Crazy Stupid Love lacks that factor, so I was annoyed half the time.

I really enjoyed the soundtrack, though.  Enough to seriously consider buying/downloading it. Ryan Gosling’s character, Jacob, might have been annoying if it had been anyone else but Gosling acting the part.  I find Gosling to be a really talented actor, which I think shines through especially in these seemingly one dimensional, simple characters.

What was good about it

Diverse, likeable cast

Ryan Gosling takes his shirt off


What was bad about it

Overly dramatic and corny