After stumbling upon an awesome review for the movie Chronicle on the movie website,, I’ve decided to modify my review format.  It’s pretty much copied from the reviewer, Scott Chitwood, which I hope is OK with him.  You can check out the review here: Chronicle review.

Title: “Breaking Dawn: Part 1”

Rating: 7 out of 10

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“Breaking Dawn: Part 1” continues the brooding teen/fantasy romance theme with decent cinematography, music, special effects, and acting.  If you have enjoyed the Twilight movies so far (even just moderately), definitely check this out.  Plus, it’s not like you can’t finish watching the series now!


Edward & Bella finally tie the knot, much to the displeasure of Bella’s best friend/unrequited lover and werewolf, Jacob Black.  The wedding goes smoothly, with the exception of Jacob’s outburst from Bella’s admission that she and Edward plan on having sex on their honeymoon.

Cautionary sex and lots of intimacy are the main components of Edward & Bella’s honeymoon.  But things quickly shake up when Bella realizes she’s pregnant.  The newlyweds rush back home to have Carlisle (Edward’s father) abort the fetus, though Bella realizes she wants to keep the baby, no matter what kind of creature it is.

As Bella’s fast-growing baby wreaks havoc on her body, Edward and Jacob find themselves agreeing that the demon seed must go, while Jacob’s wolf pack grows wary.

“Breaking Dawn: Part 1” is rated PG-13 for disturbing images, violence, sexuality/partial nudity and some thematic elements.

What worked:

The formula of this movie is pretty much the same as “New Moon” and “Eclipse” – start off the movie with a foreshadowing, romantic/dark quotation, have the movie revolve around said quotation, lots of brooding teenage love/angst, a good amount of CGI showcasing the fantasy creatures, and a cliffhanger ending leading into the next movie in the franchise.

I’ve read the books and I always give book-based movies a little slack, because there’s so much packed into a book that’s impossible to fit into a movie (i.e., thoughts of characters, superfluous events & characters, just to name a few).  That being said, I think the directors have done a very decent job with all Twilight movies, with the very big exception of the first one (director: Catherine Hardwicke).  The director of “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” does an excellent job at pacing, ensuring that things don’t move too fast or too slow, which I would think would be especially hard when breaking up this fourth and final book into two movies.

The birth scene of Bella’s child was very well-done, considering how gruesome it is described in the books.

What didn’t work:

The acting still needs a bit of work, though it’s hard to judge the actors too harshly if you’ve read the books – continuous brooding and outbursts of passion can only be acted out so many times.

The Bottom Line:

If you enjoyed the books and have enjoyed the movies, definitely see this one.  It’s always fun to see a good book’s characters & world come to life on screen, and this movie does a decent job at it.