Sorry for not posting last week, everyone. Just been feeling really down about my journey to wealth, so I didn’t feel like writing in this section of my blog.  But let me catch you up to speed.

Two weeks ago I said I would do the following:

  1. Listen to at least one Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast episode
  2. Finish reading The Passion Test

Wow, it really has been a while.  I finished The Passion Test two weeks ago.  It was a good read.  The book is divided into two sections – one containing the Passion Test itself and the steps to take, one listing successful people and their experiences.  I found The Passion Test to be useful because it helped me prioritize my goals/passions.  I think that was the most valuable thing I learned from the book.  The second half was very valuable too, as I believe it’s extremely helpful to see the experiences of people in whose shoes you want to be in.  I definitely recommend it.

Listened to another Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast episode.  One big thing I got out of it was that miracles are happening every day for you, even if you don’t know it.  That really perked me up, reminding me that the universe and others are constantly working to help me.

So last weekend my mom and I attended a workshop called “The Landmark Forum”.  I had heard about it from my house mate, who is a very successful salesman.  He spoke very highly of the workshop, saying that it was one of the best investments he’d ever made.  He pretty much sold me on it, so I asked my mom if she’d like to attend, and she was very excited about it.  As soon as I registered my mom & I, I told others we were going.  Turned out lots of people had heard of it, and had attended it.  Everyone attendee I talked with said they were definitely glad they went.  “The Landmark Forum” website even boasts that 92% of their attendees are glad they attended, so it’s hard to argue with those statistics.

I don’t want to go into detail about the workshop, since it was pretty intense and there was a lot of material.  So here’s what I have gotten out of it so far:

Enrollment – talking with people about my goals in such a away that they are touched, moved, & inspired.  I realized that this is a huge ingredient to success.  The more people you get excited about your goals and life, the more they want to help you realize those goals.  Thus, the more resources you have available to you.

Empowerment – there were some really good empowerment exercises and meditations.

So I want to touch, move, and inspire everyone I meet from now on, about my goals and life.  So here are my goals regarding money, just in case anyone missed it:

A) I will be making $10,000 per month doing what I love by Feb 22, 2012

B) I will have a job I love by March 22, 2012, in which I:

– am surrounded by fun, creative, wealthy mentors who help me grow

– get to write, be creative, and use technology

– work in a beautiful, convenient location

– only work 20-30 hours per week

My house mate Aaron recommended I tell people the reasons why I want my goals, and what I will do once I obtain them.  So here goes: I want wealth because I grew up in a family constantly struggling for money.  I feel I’ve been struggling with money my whole life, and I’m sick of it.  I want to live comfortably – I want to eat out whenever I want, I want to buy whatever I want, I want to travel, etc.  I also want to do things for others – buy gifts, travel with them, take them out to meals, buy anything I want for them.  Once I’ve obtained financial abundance, I will be a mentor to others, as well as donate to and set up charities with which I feel an affinity.  For example, charities/nonprofit organizations promoting LGBT issues, green energy, travel, alternative education, mentors, open-mindedness, etc.

I hope that touched, moved, or inspired some of you out there 😉

Next week:

  1. Tell at least two people everyday about my goals, and get them inspired about them
  2. Listen to at least one Law of Attraction for Financial Freedom podcast episode
  3. Do EFT tapping for wealth (YouTube video here) twice per day